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Archive for August 2017

3 Common Questions About Social Security

While Social Security shouldn’t be the sole source of income during retirement, it can play an important role in your overall financial strategy for retirement. But making sense of the basic ins and outs of Social Security can be overwhelming. It is recommended that everyone who is serious about planning their retirement consult one of…

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Worried about Loss? You May not be Invested Properly

Worried About Loss? Loss can be unavoidable, but steps can be taken to take advantage when the market turns sour. Click our Risk Button on our homepage to find your Risk Score and find out your potential market exposure!   Loss Comes in Many Forms   Loss comes in many forms: Our children grow up…

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Is Feeling Younger the Secret to a Longer Life?  

  “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” ~George Bernard Shaw   While some people accept getting older as a natural part of life, many others are on a mission to fight the aging process and maintain a youthful attitude and appearance. Although we are often reminded…

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Stressed About Retirement? Try These Tips!

Stress in Retirement? It’s More Common Than You Think.   Many of us have an image of how retirement is supposed to be: You’re free! No boss to answer to, no schedule to keep, no demands upon you. In short, retirement equals no stress, right? But the reality is that some retirees report they still…

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Tax-Deferred or Tax-Exempt? Potential Benefits to Having Both

  Over the years, you may have heard it’s good to have different “kinds” of money as you head into retirement. A financial advisor may recommend a combination of tax-deferred and tax-exempt financial products, diversifying your money to help take advantage of the tax benefits both types of products provide.   What many people don’t…

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It’s Easy to Stay on Track When You Have a Plan

Standard Article   Help Stay on Course with a Life Plan   Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “How on earth did I end up here?” It’s probably happened to us all at some point. Author Michael Hyatt refers to it as drift: wandering so far off our original course that we…

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Important Information on Financial Gifts

Standard Article   Navigating the Guidelines of Gifting   Many people who have met with a financial professional and estate planning attorney have a well-thought-out plan in place to transfer assets to their beneficiaries upon their death. That’s a critical part of long-term planning, but what if you’d like to give your loved ones money…

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Divorce During Retirement

A funny thing happens when you get busy with trying to achieve all the things you want out of life: You lose a few along the way. Unfortunately, some people lose their marriage.1 In this scenario, you also must deal with myriad details when it comes to dividing assets to help ensure each ex-spouse has enough…

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Preventing Elderly Financial Abuse

  A recent study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College concluded that many retirees who do not suffer from any cognitive impairment can still manage their money through their 70s and 80s.1 The study reports that financial capacity relies on accumulated knowledge and that knowledge stays mostly intact as we age.  …

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