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Archive for December 2017

The Housing Issue

Trends in Nursing Homes: Cultural Fit   If you or a loved one needs nursing home care, wouldn’t it be nice to live in one that triggered fond memories and felt like coming home?   A new trend in nursing homes is to create a community of similarly situated residents, such as those of a…

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Monetary Systems  

  In the days before cash, people bartered goods and services. Then we established various forms of “cash” payments, from paper bills and coins to checks, credit and debit card payments. It seems that the more we progress, the less we use physical cash.   Naturally, just because we’re not breaking out a wad of…

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Merry Christmas! – Alleviate Financial Distress

  News You Can Use Investors in an Aging Bull Market   Many investors who have participated in the eight-year bull market have done well. But those approaching retirement may wonder if it’s time to transition assets to more conservative holdings.   Here are factors to consider before making a decision about changing your portfolio:…

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Update on the DOL Fiduciary Rule  

In August, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed to delay the launch of the final portion of the new “fiduciary rule” until July 2019. Part of the rule went into effect in June of this year, mandating that any financial professional making financial recommendations to a client with regard to an individual retirement account (IRA)…

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The Healthy Living Issue

What Downgraded Health Could Mean for Next Generation of Retirees   Lifespans today are longer than they used to be, which means you may need more savings to last throughout retirement. While holding a job is certainly one solution for providing income later in life, it assumes one’s health is good enough to continue working.…

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Artificial Intelligence: Innovation for Today’s World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way businesses build products and even provide customer service. We now have automated virtual assistants and “chatbots” answering customer service calls.1 We even have self-driving cars being tested for pizza delivery.2   These quantum leaps in technological advances present both opportunities and challenges. For example, the way we…

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The Aging America Issue

Challenges and Perks of an Aging Population   The nice thing about growing older with such a large generation is there’s plenty of company. Whether in supermarkets, restaurants, fitness centers or recreation venues, it usually isn’t hard to find others nearby in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.   In fact, there are now more…

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