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Archive for April 2018

The New Tax Law: Things to Consider

Who will be affected by the new tax legislation that went into effect Jan. 1? That is a question many are asking.   While “everyone” is likely to see some changes, here’s an idea of how many people fell into each income group. In 2015:1   About 1.4 million Americans accounted for the top 1%…

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The Longevity Issue

Longevity: The Impact of Boomers   Baby boomers have a reputation for being a force of nature. In fact, this massive generation is often credited with helping grow our sprawling suburbs and expanding the consumer economy.1   But this influential group is not done yet. As boomers age, every aspect of their lives will continue…

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Balancing Investor Euphoria With Market Reality

Many social media users share nearly all aspects of their lives, from photos of cute kids and pets to their political views. And now, we even are seeing posts from exuberant investors bragging about their investment returns. For example, consider this social media post:1   “I strived to become a 401(k) millionaire someday, and this…

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The Revisiting Your Bucket List Theme

The Challenges of a Challenging Bucket List   Some days we may feel as if we’re still 18 years old, while other days we feel exactly our age. It’s on those youthful days that we may get a hankering to complete one of those tasks on our “bucket list.”  Unfortunately, just because we’re feeling young…

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Financial Strategies in 2018

One philosophy of investing, as opined by Warren Buffett, is to be “fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”1 The nation’s eight-year bull market, however, has tested that philosophy. Most market analysts would agree that it was more important to be in the market and taking advantage of gains than to…

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The Pain Management Issue

Studies Take Deeper Look at Acupuncture   Historically in Western medicine, the practice of acupuncture has been surrounded by question marks. Several large and well-designed clinical trials conducted since 2005 aim to change perceptions and help researchers understand the procedure.   Some still question whether acupuncture points actually exist, but a 2012 analysis of about…

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Mitigating Risk Goes Beyond Asset Allocations

What do Harvey Weinstein, “America First” policies and asset allocation have in common? Quite a bit, it turns out, when it comes to evaluating the various risk factors that can affect an investment or portfolio.   Anyone who’s ever taken a hot minute to observe the market or talk shop about the economy must realize…

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The Debt Issue

Student Loans Hit Older Americans Hard   Older Americans hold the combined debt of nearly $3 trillion. According to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the share of all household debt held by people age 60 and older nearly doubled from 2003 (12.6 percent) to 2016 (22.5 percent).1   One…

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