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Archive for May 2018

Banking Trends

In its recent 2018 Banking Industry Outlook report, Deloitte identified six key themes that are driving trends for financial institutions today:1   Redefining what makes for a positive customer experience Managing a myriad of technology platforms Mitigating cyber risk Adjusting to competition from fintech (financial technology) companies Aligning business strategy with regulatory compliance Reimagining the…

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The Tech Issue

  Telehealth Called Upon Regularly For Seniors   In 2011, the oldest of the baby boomer generation turned 65, and in just 12 years, the number of seniors in America is expected to double — accounting for one-fifth of the population. As you can imagine, this many older people may strain our already overburdened health…

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Inflation: Expectations for 2018

It seems as if inflation has been biding its time. Since the financial crisis a decade ago, growth in prices and wages has been muted.1 However, many financial analysts believe that’s about to change.   A jobs report from early March revealed continued hiring and a moderate increase in wages. The stock markets welcomed the…

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The Housing Issue

Housing Issues as We Age   By the time most people reach age 70, they are still healthy, able to drive, prepare meals, engage socially and live independently. For many, they are still able to maintain these activities at age 80. But what about age 90 or 100? At some point, aging catches up with…

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Putting a Value on Real Property

Real property generally refers to land, but it also can include structures, bodies of water and machinery.1 It typically denotes property of significant value, which is why state and local governments choose to impose taxes on our homes. These levies could be considered a progressive tax, in that people who own more expensive homes likely…

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The Health Innovation Issue

Using Digital Tools to Improve Health Care   Some of us spend countless hours in physician waiting and exam rooms expecting the medical profession to cure all that ails us. In fact, we may receive “doctor’s orders” on how to take better care of our health, but, once we leave the office, those recommendations are…

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Investing in Europe

It’s often said that when one asset class falters, others are likely rising. To some extent, this may be occurring with U.S. equities. The stock market correction that started in February amid fears of rising inflation has continued through March with the threat of a global trade war.1   According to Bank of America Merrill…

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The Medicare Issue

  Enrolling in Medicare   Unlike Social Security, the age for Medicare eligibility is the same for everyone: 65 years old, no matter what year you were born. If you have already filed for Social Security benefits by age 65, you will be automatically enrolled for Medicare. If not, your initial enrollment window begins three…

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Investment Themes for This Year

In the investment community, all eyes are on inflation this year. Economic analysts at Merrill Lynch anticipate further tightening in the labor market, to the tune of 3.9 percent unemployment by the end of 2018. Along with the tightened labor situation, they also expect personal consumption expenditure (PCE) inflation rising to 1.8 percent by year…

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