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Archive for September 2018

Dave Marr – Real Estate – Medical Technology – Inveniqa

Guest appearance from Dave Marr, MBA and serial entrepreneur. He has been practicing in the world of real estate investment for years. His company, Catalyst lending, serves as a Catalyst for positive change in the lives of clients offering meaningful real estate lending solutions. He is also involved with some exciting medical technology through Inveniqa.…

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The Health Issue

Creature Comforts: Aging with a Pet   Some people may believe becoming a pet owner in retirement is inconvenient, making traveling and other activities more difficult. However, once retirees get to a stage where staying home becomes preferable, a pet can be a wonderful asset both as a companion and health care enabler.   For…

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Legacy Issues

Sixty-three percent of surveyed affluent adult children between the ages of 18 and 22 say they’ll need to rely on their inheritance for financial security during retirement. Before the inevitable groan about the entitlement of youth, bear in mind that today’s young adults do have different financial challenges than in past generations. 1   It…

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The Technology Issue

The Potential Effects of No More Net Neutrality   This past June, the network neutrality rules put in place three years ago officially ended. They were implemented to help regulate the internet, much like a utility, to prevent unfair practices and keep the service affordable and available to all. The basic tenet was to treat…

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The Personality Issue

Who’s Addicted To Social Media?   It’s not uncommon to hear people say they’re not on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram); they’re just not into that whole thing. Then there are those who are on their social media accounts daily. While there are plenty of people in the middle – who just check their social…

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Trade Wars

There’s a never-ending stream of political news these days, but the stock market has remained relatively resilient. The market successfully weathered potential distractions that may have been detrimental in previous years, but that calm may end as as there have been ongoing discussions about tariffs with global trade partners.1   In the past, the presidential…

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