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Ridgegate Financial

Purpose. Planning. Portfolio.™

Ridgegate Financial was founded in 2003 as an independent financial planning firm. We pride ourselves on our emphasis on meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and on our thorough and robust planning process. At Ridgegate Financial we truly care about the client's Purpose, which guides the Planning process, and manifests itself in a Portfolio that supports it all.

Meet the Team

Ridgegate Financial

Ridgegate Financial is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering services such as financial planning, wealth preservation and management, and advocacy. We offer these solutions through both our in-house staff and an extended team of experts. Our team will work with you to identify your resources, goals, unique needs, and risk tolerance. Together, we’ll create a plan that you can understand and refer to as a useful, working document.

A typical client could be someone who might have some investment assets and is looking to improve on management. Even more common however, are folks who are scared at the thought of outliving their money, concerned about the idea of changing markets, or are frustrated and overwhelmed about what to do when the paychecks stop™. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, we recommend scheduling a conversation with us to get to know your situation better.

You are under no obligation to implement your plan with Ridgegate Financial, however, most clients do implement some or all of the plan we create. This then becomes the basis for our ongoing relationship. We then work with you through regularly scheduled reviews as well as frequent communication and follow-up. You will never be abandoned as an “orphan client.”

So, who exactly is Ridgegate Financial?

We are independent.

Independence is very important to us. What does that mean to you? It means we are not owned or controlled by any parent company. That means we can choose from a wider variety of solutions, tools, or products to help you reach your goal since we have no home office mandating that we move any quota of product.

We are fiduciaries.

As a fee-based fiduciary advisor, we have no incentive to make unnecessary trades in our client accounts. We do not make commissions on securities transactions. We have a legal obligation to act in your best interest.

We are resourceful.

A specialty of Ridgegate’s is our pioneering work in forensic planning. When a consumer is taken advantage of, it is often difficult to sort out the facts. While some disputes are the result of greed or fraud, many are the result of misunderstandings. We are not attorneys, but we work closely with attorneys in sorting out difficult cases, including elder abuse, unsuitable sales of products and other problematic transactions. With a thorough review of the facts, we help prepare cases for attorneys or regulators.