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When The Paychecks Stop™ is a one-hour show covering myriad financial topics including Social Security, Tax Planning, Real Estate, Legacy planning and more. Wally Smith, ChFC® and CEO of Ridgegate Financial™ discusses these topics and interviews industry experts to provide you the information you need for When The Paychecks Stop™

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The 1031 Show™ is our weekly one-hour show on all things investment real estate. On this show, we delve into the often complicated world of 1031 exchanges. We discuss some creative ways for incorporating your real estate portfolio into your financial plan including income, tax, and legacy strategies.


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Finance Bites™ are excerpts from our shows that are perfect for sharing. Our goal is to educate on all sorts of financial topics, and our guests on the show have great information. While our full length shows are filled with information, these focused and pointed Finance Bites™ can be quicker and easier to digest.