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Problems We Solve

People come to us with these common problems...

I am concerned about running out of money in retirement

I think I have enough money for retirement, but I want to make sure it is working for me

I am doing well financially, but I am worried about my taxes

I just want to know what to do When The Paychecks Stop™.

Our financial planning team provides these services:

Our integrated team of professionals handles the following:

Most people have some assortment of investments on which to retire, but they are unorganized. This is like trying to bake a cake with random ingredients. It is important to find an complete financial advisor who can organize all of those random ingredients into a finished financial plan. 

We are not for everyone. There are many people out there who have all of these things figured out. Even so, there are a vast majority of people, who need some guidance in one of the most important areas of their lives...their finances. 

If this sounds like you, make the choice to schedule a visit with us today for a complimentary no-obligation visit to get started on your Retirement Flight Plan™. This is a written plan of your income in retirement. What this does, is detail out the optimal income sources throughout your retirement. Most importantly, what it means, is that you can enjoy your retirement without constantly worrying about your portfolio. 

Your Financial Planning Process

Purpose. Planning. Portfolio.™

Ridgegate Financial was founded in 2003 as an independent financial planning firm. We pride ourselves on our emphasis on meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and on our thorough and robust planning process. At Ridgegate Financial we truly care about the client's Purpose, which guides the Planning process, and manifests itself in a Portfolio that supports it all.


The first part of the process is to identify your Purpose in retirement. It is great to know what you are retiring from, but it is even better to know what you are retiring to. Some people want to write their last check on the day they die and have it bounce. Others may want to see all of the lighthouses in America during their retirement. Others still might be afraid to spend at all for fear of spending their posterity's inheritance. Whatever your Purpose, there needs to be Planning to support it.


There are five aspects of financial planning that every financial plan should consider: Income, Investments, Taxation, Health, and Legacy. This comprehensive approach seeks to explore every area and factor that could affect you during retirement. Proper Planning in each of these areas, supports your Purpose.


The final aspect of the process, is your Portfolio. Your Portfolio is certainly not an afterthought, but it does fall in naturally after exploring your Purpose and doing the Planning to match. There are many different products and solutions that can all represent parts of a Portfolio, but their place in your financial plan can only be discovered through the first two parts of the process.

Does our robust process sound like a fit for you? Schedule your complimentary retirement review today!

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